SAT Lectures

Simple explanation for writing and math. Learn the types memorize, practice. Usually this is easy

But reading is much more difficult to improve! Students struggle/slow. So we have this!
Passage archetypes.
Student will receive daily lectures covering all aspects of the SAT Evidence Based Reading (EBR) exam. Lectures will cover score boosting strategies, precise question solving techniques, and all the tricks-and-traps that the College Board uses to mislead students from correct answer choices. At the conclusion of the course, students will be well-positioned to excel in the SAT exam.

  1. Deliberate, Optimized interval training for the mastery of concepts and problem solving skills in SAT Math test
  2. Building reading comprehension skills in all subjects areas of SAT Reading test-U.S & World Literature, History/Social Science, Natural Science
  3. Full coverage of grammar and rhetorical skills for SAT writing test
  4. Essay planning, writing, and revising exercises to enhance analytic skills and writing skills for SAT essay test
  5. Extensive problem solving drills and full practice tests

SAT Materials

We utilize an exclusive SAT reading portal. This innovative resource trains students in the fundamentals of SAT EBR (Evidence Based Reading) while simultaneously serving as a vocabulary learning and testing tool

For the mathematics, we have exclusive material developed painstakingly in-house. This allows for unparalleled efficiency as the problem sets zero in on the concepts which most commonly cause students difficulty.

Guided practice materials taken from well-regarded test-prep guides will be used in the afternoon TA led study sessions

Homework covering all areas of SAT Reasoning Test (homework will usually take around 2-3 hours per day to complete)

3000 high frequency SAT words will be studied and tested.

Telos Math

Pre-algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Pre-calculus, Calculus
(The math program is designed for students in grade 5-12th)


AP Prep

Biology, Calculus(AB, BC) , Chemistry, Literature(Language & Composition), Economics(Micro & Macro), Physics

Small group GPA management

Classes for school specific Math, English, and Science

Our Small Group GPA Management System features tutoring from expert instructors and a group of up to three students. Each student will have a bundle of tutoring hours that can be used at any time for tutoring sessions in the subjects of their choice. The flexibility offered by this program allows the student to pinpoint the most personally challenging school subjects and receive guidance on an individualized level not available in the school classroom.

The goal of our Small Group GPA Management System is to increase students’ academic confidence by enabling them to boost their GPA.

Throughout each session, the student will receive individual attention at his/her own pace. Whether they need extra help understanding the fundamentals of a specific subject or are just looking for a few solid review sessions before final exams, we’ll help the students develop study skills and discover their strengths while working to increase their academic performance.

TELOS Reading and Analysis program

This course is designed for 5-8th grade students.

Why do students struggle to improve in the SAT/ACT? Most likely reason? They never developed the ability to read quickly and accurately. At this point, many students cram in an effort to undo in a few months a lifetime of not reading. Such an effort often leads students, after taking practice test after practice test, to declare that it is impossible to improve in reading. Yet it is very possible. It just has to start early.

This program provides the most essential of all learning attributes: the ability to read critically and accurately. Not only do most students not read books in their spare time, they also often do not even read the literature assigned in school, opting instead to find summaries online. Therefore, when such students start preparing for the SAT/ACT and must read quickly and accurately, they find themselves woefully unprepared. Even more fundamentally, a deficit in reading creates difficulty in every subject, as students cannot effectively absorb information from their textbooks.

Rather than belatedly attempting to make up for a lifetime of non-reading, students in this program will establish the foundation which will serve as the cornerstone of every aspect of their learning.

* Literature—Poetry, Prose Fiction, and Philosophy. Through analyzing these texts, students will master key skills in fluency, vocabulary, critical reading and thinking.

* Evidence based reading -History, current issues, science. In addition to raising the students’ wordly awareness an analytical insight, the reasoning-based approach to reading will help student with building a foundation for SAT and ACT Test prep. This will facilitate a expedient preparation for the Reading portions of the standardized tests, a process which typically presents the most persistent obstacle for students trying to raise their scores.

Learning system
1. Reading & Analysis
2. Discussion & Debate
3. Focused Essay writing
4. Instructor and Peer Feedback

Competition Prep Programs :

National History Day contest, Summer programs, Debate & Speech, Scholastic Arts, and national/state level contests in arts, poetry, prose fiction, and academic writing.

Each year more than half a million students participate in the National History Day Contest. Students choose a historical topic related to the annual theme, and then conduct research. After which they present their work in one of five ways: as a paper, an exhibit, a performance, a documentary, or a website.

  1. Analyze the Theme (Historical Context-relevance throughout both history and the current world)
  2. Choosing a Topic (Connection to Theme, Historical Significance, Originality (new perspective. Fresh?, )
  3. Research (Primary and secondary research. Balanced. Reliability. Evaluate the Sources)
  4. Draft (Historical Accuracy, Organization, Language, Consistency of Ideas, Focus)
  5.  Many many rewrites
  6. Submission

8 weeks WRITER’S WORKSHOP program

In this writer’s workshop, students will develop their writing skills and their confidence in an environment of camaraderie and creativity.

They will learn the various elements of storytelling and will learn to share and revise their work,be it poetry, short story, memoir or other creative project.

These works will be submitted to various contests, including the Scholastic Writing Competition.

  • Instructor: Yale graduate and an award winning teacher and writer. Received numerous teaching awards and was honored to be on the Teacher Advisory Board for the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition.
  • Class begins on Sep 22. Every Saturday.
  • 5th,6th grade 10:00 am – 11:15 am
  • 7th,8th,9th grade 11:30 am – 01:00 pm
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